PTA catheter / blood vessel / balloon
GPC series

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PTA catheter / blood vessel / balloon PTA catheter / blood vessel / balloon - GPC series


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    blood vessel

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PTA Catheter 

Catheter for balloon angioplasty

Broadest size matrix

- PTA Balloon Catheter offers a wide range of balloon sizes to ensure effective access to lesions.
- Balloon diameter: 4.0–12.0 mm
- Balloon length: 20–120 mm
- Available catheter length: 50 cm, 80 cm, 130 cm
Smooth Entry

- Low insertion and reaction forces are generated in access to a lesion.
- The kink resistance specific to the catheter makes its access to lesions smoother.
Rapid Deflation

The product’s lumen renders a rapid deflation.
Flexible and tapered tip

The flexible, tapered end tip helps the catheter to be easily inserted through the inflated area.