non-arcon dental articulator

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non-arcon dental articulator non-arcon dental articulator - Balance®


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The classic NON-ARCON Artikulator

It’s a working device that has been reliable, solid, und functional for years
In 3 construction heights: 95 mm – 105 mm – 116 mm (measurement without mounting plates)
Designed for crown and bridge work as well as for full and partial prosthetics
A handy, compact device
The Balance Articulator is also available with 20°, 30° or 40° condyles an with Incisal Tables in 0°, 10° and 15°
Technical Data:
Condyle Inclination 25°
Incisal Table 5°
Bennett Angulation 0 – 25°
Intercindylar Distance 100 mm

Set includes:
Articulator, Incisal table, Incisal pin, mounting plates (2), rubber bands and keys

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