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    for the pharmaceutical industry


HTY-CT1000M Total Organic Carbon Analyzer applies 680 ℃ catalytic combustion oxidation technique. It imports the sample together with the cleaned gas (high purity oxygen) to the high temperature combustion tube and low temperature reaction tube. After going through the high temperature combustion tube, the organic carbon and inorganic carbon among the sample are converted into carbon dioxide by high-temperature catalytic oxidation,and after going through the low temperature reaction tube, the inorganic carbon among the sample is converted into carbon dioxide by acidification. Both kinds of carbon dioxide produced in the reaction tube are imported into non-dispersive infrared gas detector NDIR sequentially, where the CO2 will be detected. Thus the total carbon (TC) and inorganic carbon (IC) contained in the water can be measured. The total organic carbon (TOC) is equal to total carbon minus the inorganic carbon. This instrument is mainly used by pharmaceutical companies in cleaning validation and measuring the organic matters of surface water, groundwater, sewage, industrial waste water, tap water, purified water, etc.