storage trolley / anesthesia / malignant hyperthermia / for general purpose



  • Applications:

    anesthesia, malignant hyperthermia, storage

  • Use:

    for general purpose

  • Components:

    with drawer, with waste bin, with basket, with side bin

  • Other characteristics:

    medical, refrigerated


Malignant Hyperthermia is an inherited muscle disorder triggered by certain types of anesthesia. MH episodes can happen anytime, and Harloff's MH5100 is what you need to quickly avert the life-threatening crisis brought by this disorder.

The MH5100 is an important part of a hospital's plan to treat unanticipated MH episodes. The unit features a top drawer that allows for storage of poster and MH procedure manual. It also stores supplies, including hypothermia blankets, that will help actively cool a patient. There is also an over and under the patient high performance refrigerator, which ensures temperature controls for cold isotonic saline for IV infusion and for gastric, peritoneal or rectal irrigation.

The cart can hold critical MH emergency supplies at the proper temperature, and there is an optional update to back rail, featuring painted steel sign that reads "MH Cart Only." Security is also not a concern because there are separate breakaway locks on both the refrigerator and the two storage drawers.

The MH5100 can be placed in close proximity to areas where it is most needed.