manual sandblaster / 1-tank
D-H 22 S

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manual sandblaster manual sandblaster - D-H 22 S


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The D-H 22 S is the ideal unit for intensive daily manual blasting with minimum maintenance. In addition to the enormous blasting power achieved by the robust injector with boron carbide nozzle, a further advantage is its very powerful and quiet motor-fan extractor and filter system (of similar design to the D-G 16 S), which requires very infrequent maintenance. The sand jet is activated by the foot switch. The D-H 22 SO has no extraction unit.

In all our blasting units, circulation of the blasting material is automatic and an easily removable screen keeps it free from investment material residues. All the blasting units listed here are suitable for use with all types of blasting material used in dental technology.
Technical data
Width420 mm
Depth460 mm
Height590 mm
Electrical connection230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption200 W
Compressed air connection6 bar
Required air-flow200 l/min.
Nozzle fittingsBoron carbide blasting nozzle
Extraction unitMotor fan with automatic cut-out
FilterMicro-filter and paper filter bag (10 kg)
Hand openingsLeft and right
Weight35 kg
HousingDurable, environmentally friendly steel housing, RAL 9002, powder coated