non-surgical intragastric balloon
HELIOSPHERE® Newtech 600

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non-surgical intragastric balloon non-surgical intragastric balloon - HELIOSPHERE® Newtech 600


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The Heliosphere Newtech is the only Air filled balloon present on the market for 6 months implantation in the body. Air filled gives its main advantage which is lightness to help patient regulate his satiety and lose weigth.

Heliosphere Newtech 600 has a volume of 600cc.

The design of Heliosphere, simple polyurethane wall, confers it:

A slim configuration of implantation to ease introduction in the digestive tract gastric under endoscopy control
A short time inflation with sirynge provided with the device
Radio opaque , detectable with ultrasound
Full biocompatibility test under ISO 10993 norms for long term implantation in human
Short time for extraction due to the easyness of air removing in the stomach

Air filled Heliosphere avoids typical nausea or pain during period of implantation as balloon’s weight do not exceed 15 g., and prevents patient to take too much medication like proton pump inhibitor.
Heliosphere is provided with a specific kit of extraction which include endoscopic needle and forceps (double hook) to deflate first and retrieve the balloon from the stomach by upper natural way.

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