manual blood donor chair / 3 sections / height-adjustable



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  • Number of sections:

    3 sections

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HO-S9 Manual Blood Donor Chair / 3 sections / adjustable backrest and legrest

Size:  89*83*105CM

1, Backrest adjustment: around 110°-160°
2, Legrest adjustment: around 0°-80°
Gas spring control the back and leg part simultaneously.

This type of manual blood donor chair can be used as luxury infusion chair, blood donor chair and dialysis chair. It is mainly used in VIP infusion room or luxury dialysis center and blood banking room. The design is ergonomically which the seat cushion and back is very confirmation with its thickness 90mm sponge inside. Client will feel very comfortable when sitting the chair, release their pressure when do infusion or blood donation.

Main features:
1, Length: 1600mm ( lying)
2, Material: seat cushion and leg part is made of Oriented Strand Board with thickness 18mm, sponge with PVC leather
3, The thickness of seat cushion and back is 90mm, sponge density is 50kg/m3
4, With four castors, dia 75mm, all with brakes
5, With one cup tank inside the armrest

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