manual blood donor chair / 3 sections



  • Operation:


  • Number of sections:

    3 sections


Manual blood donor chair / 3 sections / adjustable backrest and legrest / gas spring

The HO-S8 is a luxury manual medical chair specially designed for the person who need injection, blood collection and reclining.

The HO-S8 is used in different care areas of the hospital, medical center, blood donation center, medical clinic and other healthcare facilities.
Main Material
Painted Steel, environmental PVC Leather

Main features:
1, It is an upgraded medical chair of HO-S07.
2, The structure is made of powder coating steel
3, With environmental PVC leather, more soft and easy to clean
4, Multiple positions for vary needs: the backrest can be adjusted to any angel from 0 to 145 degree by gas spring, more convenient for the patients to get their most comfortable position
5, Ergonomic seat design offers pleasant and comfortable feeling for patients.
6, The humanized basket near the armrest provide space and convenience to place the books, papers and some personal belongings.