Raman spectrometer / for research
HORIBA Jobin Yvon



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  • Applications:

    for research

  • Wavelength:

    532 nm, 632.8 nm, 785 nm


Raman Spectrometer - Modular Systems

Fiber coupled microscope
A range of spectrometers are available for integrating into your own Raman experiment, with focal lengths and resolutions to suit all requirements – ranging from 140mm to 550mm and above.

Thus whether the application is for routine screening, fluorescence and PL mapping, or detailed high resolution Raman research, the spectrometer to match is available. All can be combined with HORIBA's own range of dedicated Raman sampling options to provide a complete Raman spectroscopy system with either a confocal fiber-microscope or fiber-optic sampling probe.

High precision spectrometers with low stray light levels and options for high spectral resolution
High sensitivity CCD detectors (TE air or LN2 cooled)
Gratings and sampling optics optimized for Raman
Upgradeable spectrometer platform ready to expand to fluorescence, PL, and optical spectroscopy