adult manual resuscitator / pediatric / infant / reusable
AERObag® Beatmungsbeutel Silikon



  • Patient type:

    adult, pediatric, infant

  • Other characteristics:

    reusable, silicone


The Silicone-Manual Resuscitators are designed to efficiently help patients and deliver a user friendly resuscitation. These reusable resuscitators are also autoclavable up to 134°C (Manual Resucitators of silicone and polysulfone) and boast a unique right-angle connector that swivels in any direction as well as a pressure relief valve 60 mbar-adults or 40 mbar-children and infants. To continue, the product also has an innovative All-In-One inlet-valve plus an oxygen gas inlet for 6 mm tubing. The Silicone-Manual Resuscitators come handy since they can be folded to save space, can easily be cleaned and have direct connection for reservoir bag, demand valve respectively-bag-refill systems.