adult manual resuscitator / pediatric / infant / disposable
AERObag® Beatmungsbeutel



  • Patient type:

    adult, pediatric, infant

  • Other characteristics:

    disposable, PVC


AERObag® - PVC Manual Resuscitators

Latex free PVC Disposable Resucitators.
Compression unit in handy design and structured surface for safe grip.
Rotatable patient connector with an integrated safety valve for respiratory pressure relief.

PEEP Ventilation
The Silicone Manual Resuscitator offer the option of a PEEP resuscitation with the help of the separate Adapter AERObag® - DV05.
Our PVC Manual Resuscitator has an integrated adapter at the expiratory shank for insertion of PEEP valves.

All-In-One Intake Valve
• Integrated reservoir valve
• Oxygen gas inlet for 6 mm tubing
• Direct connection for reservoir
bag, demand valve respectively
bag-refill systems

Safety Valve
• 60 mbar - Adult
• 40 mbar - Children and Baby