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leg extension gym station

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leg extension gym station leg extension gym station - 3510


  • Type of exercises:

    leg extension


Body Extension unit has been designed to target glutes and hamstrings.

3510 Body Extension is a medical exercise unit that has been designed to target the glutes. It is a single function exercise unit which is equipped with an easy access feature. You simply flip a switch and the lever arm move down for easy access which makes it suitable for a wide range of users (including elderly). The back support is ergonomically shaped both for comfort and also to take the load off the spinal column during exercise. Some of its safety features include: resistance adjustment, free exercise switch, belt and easy access hand grips.
Touchscreen Hi5
10" Hi5 touchscreen.

Neck Cushion
Neck cushion is a comfortable and ergonomic cushion for additional support.

Easy access handgrips
Handgrips improve access into and out of machine. Designed for those in rehabilitation, with long-term physical impairments and seniors.

Release button
Resistance and lever arms can be released quickly for user's easy exit from machine. This feature is only in analog and digital machines.

Safety belt helps to gain more support especially when user has balance issues.
Range limiters - start position
Range limiters can be used to limit the range of motion. This feature is particularly relevant in rehabilitation applications or if user has a long-term impairment.

Floor mount bracket
Equipment can be fixed to the floor.