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lat pulldown gym station / shoulder press



  • Type of exercises:

    lat pulldown, shoulder press


Dual function Push Up / Pull Down unit provides targeted training of shoulder and back muscles.

The dual functionality of this unit helps you the work out both the back and the shoulders at the same time. Appointed with an adjustable seat, the unit is able to cater to individuals of different heights and sizes. Your training regime can be modified by changing different positions of the lever arm and the resistance can be modified with the optional foot pedal.
Anti-tilt plate
Floor panel fixed to front of the machine will prevent tilting even in hard training. It also works as a stable and non-slip platform for user's feet.

Touchscreen Hi5
10" Hi5 touchscreen.

Neck Cushion
Neck cushion is a comfortable and ergonomic cushion for additional support.

Dual function
Dual function equipment allows users to work opposing muscle groups, without changing machines. Exercise is selected with a switch (analogue and digital machines) or by touch screen (SmartTouch and SmartCard machines).

Adjustable seat
Adjustable seat height. Steplessly adjustable seats help the user find a correct, safe and effective training position.

Safety belt helps to gain more support especially when user has balance issues.
Range limiters - start & end position
Range limiters can be used to limit the range of motion. This feature is particularly relevant in rehabilitation applications or if user has a long-term impairment.

Foot rest for upper body machine
Foot rest assists in stabilization during the exercise, especially for short users.