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leg curl gym station / leg extension / rehabilitation

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leg curl gym station / leg extension / rehabilitation leg curl gym station / leg extension / rehabilitation - 5530


  • Type of exercises:

    leg curl, leg extension

  • Use:



Rehab Line has 5530 leg Extension / Curl Rehab with dual function unit adds for a safe and effective rehabilitation of the extensor and flexor muscle of the knee joint. It can also balance the weight of the leg itself in order to start the rehabilitative process almost immediately after surgery.

Important Factors

Range Limiters: The range limiters cut out dangerous areas of motion and by using the performance recorder you can test and follow up the progress of the person.

Touchscreen Hi5
10" Hi5 touchscreen.

Neck Cushion
Neck cushion is a comfortable and ergonomic cushion for additional support.

Easy access handgrips
Handgrips improve access into and out of machine. Designed for those in rehabilitation, with long-term physical impairments and seniors.

Isometric testing sensor attachment
Isometric measurements like maximum strength and muscular balance can be measured using a separate Performance Recorder -device, if the machine is equipped with a sensor attachment.

Dual function
Dual function equipment allows users to work opposing muscle groups, without changing machines. Exercise is selected with a switch (analogue and digital machines) or by touch screen (SmartTouch and SmartCard machines).

Range limiters - start & end position
Range limiters can be used to limit the range of motion. This feature is particularly relevant in rehabilitation applications or if user has a long-term impairment.

Steplessly adjustable back support
Back support can be adjusted forward steplessly.

Leg straps
Padded leg straps can be used to stabilize the thighs particularly during leg curl function.