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Scandinavian type rowing machine / limited mobility users



  • Rowing machine type:

    Scandinavian type

  • Use:

    limited mobility users


Optimal Rhomb machine has been designed to target rhomboideus muscle group. The machine can be used with wheelchair.

As indicated by its name, the Optimal Rhomb Easy Access machine is designed to target the rhomboidus muscle group. It’s a well-built machine that allows individuals to get exercise when doing daily sedentary tasks such as office work. Some of the features include adjustable chest support, handgrip handles, multi-grip handles, and large mushroom buttons.Touchscreen Hi5
10" Hi5 touchscreen.

Large mushroom buttons
Resistance is adjusted using large push buttons that make adjustment easy and safe. Only for analog machines.

Multigrip handles
Both horizontal and vertical grips are possible. This feature allows to perform exercises using different grip positions.

Adjustable chest support
Variable height settings for additional comfort and support during exercise.

Release function
Handles move towards user for easier reach.
Tube grip glove
The tube grip glove helps holding grip while exercising. A tube grip glove is a suitable tool for those suffering loss of grip or aching joints etc. Gloves are available in black, for both hands or for a single hand.

Adjustable easy access chair
Steady rollaway seat makes it possible to train with or without a wheelchair. Steplessly adjustable seat height helps to find the correct and safe exercise position.