video dermatoscope / white LED / USB / computer-based



  • Type:


  • Light source:

    white LED

  • Options:

    USB, computer-based


The Dino-Lite Dermascope Polarizer HR (MEDL7DW) has a 5 megapixel camera to capture sharper images with more detail, and features a built-in and fully adjustable polarization filter to greatly reduce the gloss effect of the skin.

The MEDL7DW has two different levels of magnification (about 20x to about 45x) without the need to change the distance to the skin. If the extra cap is used, it is also possible to take an image with a larger surface area with a magnification of approximately 10x. The MEDL7DW also stands out from the MEDL4DW by the sleek metal casing. The Dino-Lite DermaScope® Polarizer HR is suitable for every dermatologist, but is usually purchased in the practice which places extra demands on the equipment and wants to have the latest features and capabilities.