white LED dermatoscope / USB / smartphone-based



  • Light source:

    white LED

  • Options:

    USB, smartphone-based


IDS-1100's best optics, large filed of view, highly optimized light illumination guarantee you the best performance during your dermoscopy examinations.

Hybrid dermatoscope with polarized and non-polarized light illumination

Polarized light contact dermoscopy (PCD)
Polarized light non-contact dermoscopy (PNCD)
Non-polarized light contact dermoscopy (NPD)

The capabilities of NPD, PCD and PNCD are not equivalent but complementary. Therefore hybrid dermatoscope IDS-1100 with all the capabilities will be a valuable tool in your diagnosis of pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions.

Increasing the clinical diagnostic accuracy and improving your confidence in your clinical diagnosis.

Remarkable Features of IDS-1100

10 x Magnification & 25 mm wide field of view (Aperture)
Smartphone connection kit is available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy & Note
Automatic shut down after not in use more than 5 minutes
An easy detachable protect glass for the lesions shouldn't be touched during the examination. The quality of the examination remains same whatever with or without the protect glass
7 years warranty


diagnosis of malignant melanoma skin cancers
a close up examination of many skin diseases including folliculitis, xeroderma pigmentosum, lentigo maligna, dermatofibroma, scar tissue, vascular supply and a variety of nevus
studying normal skin
examining diseased skin
noninvasive monitoring of skin during a treatment
use as a diagnostic tool in a dermatology clinic
subsurface examination
hair research