analysis software / management / for equipment control / monitoring
BaseSpace® Sequence Hub



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    analysis, management, for equipment control, monitoring, sharing

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Product Highlights
As a key component of the BaseSpace Suite, BaseSpace Sequence Hub is a direct extension of your Illumina instruments. Data flows directly from the instrument into BaseSpace Sequence Hub, which enables you to manage and analyze data using a curated set of analysis apps. BaseSpace Sequence Hub:

Enables you to set up and monitor instrument runs in real-time
Promotes efficiency by converting sequencing data to a standard format and directly streaming them to the cloud
Provides a more economical solution than assembling infrastructures and tools in-house
Increases productivity with easy access and execution of a multitude of genomic analysis apps (provided by you, Illumina, or third-parties). As a result, specialized staff members, such as bioinformaticians are free to work on more complicated analyses