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panoramic X-ray system / cephalometric X-ray system / analog / floor-mounted



  • Type of system:

    panoramic X-ray system, cephalometric X-ray system

  • Technology:


  • Ergonomics:



Dental panoramic very simple and easy to use. Compact dimensions. The automatic kV increase in the vertebral column area gives uniform radiographic results. Motorized height adjustment.
Technical features

Patient centring by a cross light beam for Frankfurt plan and by a vertical light for tooth centering, which must be positioned on the canine tooth.
Curved cassette for cm 15x30 films
Exposure time in panoramic modality: 15 sec.
kV range from: 55 to 85 in steps of 5 kV
Exposure time:
in panoramic modality: 15 s
Cephalometry: from 0.6 to 2.5 s
Options: Cephalometry device with cm 18x24 cassette holder and intensifying screens