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video capillaroscope / computer-based video capillaroscope / computer-based - DM-01


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Digital Nailfold Capillaroscopy Basics

Non-Invasive and Efficient Diagnostic Tool
Capillarocopy is a non-invasive and safe method for morphological examination and analysis of microcirculation abnormalities related to rheumatic diseases.

Crisp Live Images of Capillaries
Inspectis high resolution capillaroscopy digital microscopes create crisp live images of capillaries, thanks to it’s fast USB3.0 interface, superior optics, and illumination.

Essential Software Tools for Capillary Assessment
Inspectis CAP Basics Software is intuitive and powerful software platform to save, measure and share the capillaroscopy images. Software includes the essential tools to perform capillary assessment, such as counting and measuring of capillaries, displaying a 1mm grid.

Cost Effective
Capillaroscopy Basic system is the cost effective digital capillarity system without compromising image quality.The software can be upgraded to PRO version in future for more demanding examinations

Optimized for SSc Examination
Tools meeting all the needs of internationally recognised capillaroscopy examination techniques are easily accessible and additional tools can be used to extend the depth of study if required. Assessment of saved images can be made during or after an examination. Accuracy is assured with pre-calibrated lens magnifications.

Included Items
- Digital Capillaroscope, 5.oMP Image Resolution, USB 3.0
- 200x Lens with built-in Illumination
- Inspectis CAP Basics Capillaroscopy Software
- Immersion Oil
- Foot Switch for Hand-free Image Capture
- Bench-top Holder for Capillaroscope

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