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Disposable-Vein-StripperFlexible Nylon wire - High tensile strength of the wire | Practical Handle - Free From Torsions and kinkingsThe high flexibility of the nylon wire facilitates the passage of venous valves and minimizes the number of incisions. The smooth wire guarantees easy and atraumatic passage within the veins as well as quick and problem-free sheding of the stripped veins. Thus the extended varices can be quickly controlled for tributary venous vessels and these can be searched pecifically and then ligated. One of the important features of the nylon wire is its high tensile strength. An broad handle ensures an effective and thus strength and time-saving stripping of veins. The handle may be set up at any end, distal or proximal, just before stripping. The disposable instrument is free of torsions and kinkings from prior operations. This warrantees atraumatic and time-saving application.

Anterograde and retrograde strippingThe special designed olives, which can be clipped on each wire end after wire-passage through the vein, enable a retrograde as well as an anterograde stripping, independent from distal or proximal access.Four sizes in one instrumentThe vein stripper may be provided with four various olives of 6, 9, 12, 15 mm diameter. Thus stripping varices of different sizes will be possible with one single instrument which means cost reducing.

Length of the wire: 100 cm
Sizes of the olives: 6, 9, 12 + 15 mm Ø

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