balloon catheter / occlusion / biliary

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balloon catheter / occlusion / biliary balloon catheter / occlusion / biliary


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Balloon catheters

The catheter is made of flexible radiopaque Polyamid with latex balloon and has an inside, removable steel mandrin for difficult vessel constitution. It has a soft tip to avoid vessel perforation.The balloon capacity is adapted to the corresponding lumen. The catheter sizes are colour-coded for easy identification and has marker rings at 10 cm intervals. The length of 40 cm is especially adequate for elimi-nation of thrombi out of cannula dialysis. The double lumen catheter with a length of 80 cm can be delivered in sizes 5 to 7 French. The catheter is distal open and has at proximal end a sideport with flexible line for balloon filling. The biliary catheter is used to remove biliary stones and ductal debries intraoperatively. The flush catheter (without balloon) is designed for irrigation after successful embolectomy, thrombectomy or bile-duct-operation.

Embolectomy Catheter
Thrombectomy catheter
Double lumen catheter with balloon
Occlusion catheter / Biliary catheter with balloon / Flush catheter without balloon

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