mechanical micropipette / piston / single-channel / variable-volume



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  • Other characteristics:

    single-channel, variable-volume, autoclavable

  • Volume:

    Min.: 0 ml (0 US fl oz)

    0 ml, 0.1 ml, 0.2 ml (0 US fl oz)

    Max.: 0 ml (0 US fl oz)


Eight variable volume single-channel micropipettes make up the PLURIPET line equipped with an accurate and precise pipetting mechanism. They cover the range of capacities from 0.2 µl to 10,000 µl. The PL2 and PL10 models are ideal for molecular biology techniques. The PL20, PL100, PL200 and PL1.000 models are useful for dispensing small volumes of aqueous fluids of moderate density and viscosity. The PL5.000 and PL10.000 macropipettes are ideal for dispensing large volumes of rather thick and viscous aqueous fluids. They are equipped with a special filter that protects the internal piston by increasing its lifetime and preventing contaminations. They are supplied complete with a recalibration device and adhesive support for attachment to the laboratory bench. Individually calibrated with their certificates included in the package; EC/ IVD-compliant.