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nasal aspirator / manual / pediatric

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nasal aspirator / manual / pediatric nasal aspirator / manual / pediatric - Penguin


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    nasal aspirator

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Penguin Newborn Suction is a reusable suction bulb intended for removal of fluids from a newborn's nasal and oral cavities. It is made of transparent, silicone for effective cleaning and high durability.

Penguin Newborn Suction is included in the NeoNatalie Complete Kit, or can be ordered separately.

Soft, flexible suction tip with length and shape designed to reduce potential harm to newborn.
Reusable and can be sterilized with autoclaving or high-level disinfected with boiling or chemical disinfection.
Detachable head for easy cleaning and visual inspection of suctioned matter and cleanliness.
Made of high-grade silicone to withstand hundreds of uses.
Ergonomic form for precise control.
Stands upright and will not roll away.

Size: 13.3 x 5.22 x 4.95 cm
Weight: 0.058 kg
Fluid capacity: 75 ml
Nozzle diameters: 4.5 mm (outer), 3.0 mm (lumen)
Transparent silicone rubber (Not made with natural rubber latex)
Suction strength: Depending on hand size and technique, peak suction achieved may be in the range of 50 - 150 mmHg (70-200 cm H2O). Typically 100 mm Hg [136 cm H2O].
Operating temperature range: 0 °C to +50 °C
Can be sterilized by steam autoclaving at 136 °C, 10-20 minutes
Can be high-level disinfected by following methods:
Chemical disinfection with activated glutaraldehyde, per manufacturer recommendation
Boiling in water, minimum 10 minutes