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pediatric manual resuscitator / with mask

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pediatric manual resuscitator / with mask pediatric manual resuscitator / with mask - Upright


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    with mask


A self-inflating, manual and reusable newborn bag-mask intended for newborns and infants who require respiratory support.

The ergonomic orientation of the bag-mask, and the new and improved Newborn Mask, are designed to make it easier to obtain mask seal and provide effective ventilations.

Available with the NeoNatalie Complete kit or can be ordered separately.
Upright design improves mask seal by helping users provide even downward pressure onto mask.
Newborn Mask prevents mask leak by enabling better seal. Mask sizes 0 and 1 included.
Transparent materials allow visual inspection of cleanliness and valve function.
Increased bag volume to help compensate for mask leakage and air released through pop-off safety valve.
Compatible with NeoNatalie Simulator for neonatal resuscitation training.
Oxygen kit available upon request.

Upright Bag Mask gave significantly less mask leakage and slightly more lung volume than the standard resuscitator. (Thallinger, 2015)

Clinical study in Tanzania comparing standard with Upright (same newborn mask) showed improved outcomes with Upright (Thallinger, 2017)

Higher mean expiratory tidal volume (10.0 ml/kg vs 8.6 ml/kg),
Higher early expired CO2 at 20 seconds (median 4.2% vs 3.2%, p=0.0099)
Improved clinical outcome 30 minutes after delivery in 57% vs 44% of cases, but similar outcome at 24 hours.
A manikin study with inexperienced nursing and medical students found that the new resuscitator and facemask provided significantly less mask leakage (46% vs 60%, p<0.001) than the traditional design. (Thallinger, 2016)