biological hazard cabinet / laboratory / floor-standing / vertical laminar flow



  • Applications:

    for biological hazards, laboratory

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    vertical laminar flow


Air cleanliness class in the working chamber of the cabinet according to ISO 14644-1-2000 (for particles Ø 0.3 µm and more): 5 ISO

Class of the installed in the cabinet НЕРА-filters according to EN 1822-1:1998: H14

Prefilter according to EN 779:2002: G4

Air downflow velocity in the working chamber at a distance of 150 mm from filter in every definite point, m/sec: 0.4

Illuminance level in the working zone, lux, not less than: 1000

Noise level at 1m distance from the cabinet (at centerline of the work opening with the front window sash at working position), dB, not more than: 55


The cabinet is designed for protection of objects and materials inside the work chamber from external and cross-contamination ensuring dustless pure air environment.

The cabinet is used for work with substances that are not hazardous to personnel.

The cabinet is used to equip individual work places in medical, pharmaceutical and other institutions with high requirements to air purity in the work zone.


The cabinet is an enclosure with a front work opening through which an operator may perform manipulations inside the cabinet. The cabinet is designed to protect the product (from cross-contamination as well) and to exhaust contaminants produced during work with air displaced from the cabinet. The above is ensured by unidirectional air downflow inside the cabinet.