DNA and RNA preparation laboratory workstation / nucleic acid extraction / automatic / for liquid handling



  • Applications:

    nucleic acid extraction, for DNA and RNA preparation

  • Operation:


  • Function:

    for liquid handling

  • Configuration:



OMNIA LH75 is the workstation of the OMNIA family for PCR setup and nucleic acid extraction and purification. OMNIA LH75 is the right choice for automation of molecular biology protocol for diagnostic and research purpose. The OMNIA workstation support: liquid handling, mixing of different compounds, nucleic acid extraction (DNA, RNA, miRNA) from different samples, mixing of small volume and the preparation and replica of multiwell plates for biobanking.

Technical Specification:

Pipetting channels:
1 pipetting channels with 1-1000 l, precision CV ≤ 0.2% at full stroke, liquid level and clot detection
Magnetic Tool:
12 single magnetic tool
Heating and cooling Tool
Thermoshaker (RT to 95°C – rpm 100 – 2000) and cooling unit (4°C)
User friendly
Touch screen and remote check of function and protocol. Barcode on request
Safety and decontamination tool:
Easy to clean deck and UV lamp (254 nm) decontamination
916 (L) x 789 (W) x 848 (H)
Preloaded protocol
Precision Medicine of KRAS - NRAS - EGFR - ROS1
Sample Type:
Blood, Serum, Cultured cell, Bacterial, Saliva, Tissue, FFPE, Virus
Extraction Methods
Magnetic Beads
PCR Setup
Protocol for PCR qPCR or RT-PCR and other application for 96 well plates 96
Starting and elution volume. Minimization of dead volume
Processing Time
Less than 2 hours for complete operation (extraction and plate setup)