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3 Mpx | DFC295



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    for laboratory microscopes

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Digital Color Camera Leica DFC295

The Leica DFC295 is a digital microscope color camera with a c-mount interface. It offers a standard resolution of 2048x1536 pixels (3 Megapixels) and produces high-quality color images for any industry or life science application. Due to the fast live image speed of up to 25 frames per second, you can easily setup or focus your sample by just looking at your computer screen. Connected by a single firewire-B cable, this camera can be added easily to any Leica microscope with c-mount interface.

The camera comes with the powerful Leica software application suite (LAS) for basic documentation, measuring and annotation, which can be easily enhanced by sophisticated additional LAS modules according to customer requirements.

3 Megapixel Resolution
3 Megapixel resolution, color imaging – quickly provides high quality images for presentation and documentation
Fast Live Image
Fast live image with up to 25 frames per second – easy setup and focus the sample by looking at the computer screen
Smart Measuring
Fully integrated in Leica application suite (LAS) – smart measuring and annotation of live and captured images
Easy to Use Twain Interface
Easy to use Twain interface – to allow 3rd party software applications to setup and control the camera