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M205 FA



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Fluorescence stereo microscopes Leica M205 FCA & Leica M205 FA

Do you sometimes feel like you are fishing in the dark because you are looking for fluorescence signals that are increasingly faint and weak? Brightness and high resolution images are a must in modern developmental biology and research.

Leica Microsystems has developed the M205 FA and M205 FCA fluorescence stereo microscopes to enable you to detect transgenic expression like GFP and mCherry in early stages, allowing you to select the right sample to successfully base your studies on.

Leica M205 FCA: semi-automated with manual zoom

Until now, you probably had to switch between two different systems: one for fast screening with a manual zoom that is intuitive to maneuver and a high-end solution to see and capture the faintest signals in an image.

The Leica M205 FCA fluorescence stereo microscope unites both worlds and combines super-fast manual screening with high-end imaging capabilities.

Now you can have it all:

Get highly reliable and publishable results as all parameters are always auto-stored for you
Eliminate interruption in your workflow with the four position coded filter changer
Add a footswitch for easy change of filters, focus, and illumination adjustment, keeping both hands free for screening