hermetic door / sliding / intensive care / operating room

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hermetic door hermetic door


  • Opening type:


  • Application domain:

    intensive care, operating room, for clean rooms, for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Other characteristic:

    hermetic, double-leaf


The offered by our company specialized doors for clean rooms, provide a reliable séparation of various classes of cleanliness.
We hâve developed doors for medical facilities (operating rooms, intensive care rooms, etc.), the pharmaceutical and food industries. Doors are a double-leaf or single-leaf construction of various sizes, varying degrees of air permeability (hermetic, semi-hermetic), manual and automatic, different directions and the type of their opening, dictated by architectural and planning solutions of premises and technology.

Doors for clean rooms are made of the same materials as wall panels. In the production of doors, high-quality fittings and automation of European manufacturer are used, which satisfïes hygienic requirements and ensures the durability of products. The doors hâve a smooth surface, which ensures no accumulation of contaminants and allows for disinfection.
The door can be provided with a viewing window of various sizes. The glass of the viewing window, like the door leaf itself, can hâve additional protection from radiation, etc.
Instead of standard buttons and switches for doors opening, radar switches, push-button elbow and proximity switches, etc., installed on the wall in the direction of personnel movement, can be used to ensure the sterility of the hands of medical personnel.