fully-automatic filling machine / floor-standing / for the pharmaceutical industry / for capsules



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    for the pharmaceutical industry

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    for capsules


FACF Automatic Capsule Filler
24,000 to 228,000 Capsule per Hour - The FACF is fully automatic to reduce labour costs and increase profitability.

#00 - #5 and Supro/safety capsule sizes A-E - The FACF is flexible in what size capsules it can produce. If you need to be able to produce a variation of capsule sizes, we sell additional tooling.

Lifetime support and training - Get in touch if you need to send a new member of staff to use for training. It's free and will be forever for our customers. You can also contact us anytime and speak to an encapsulating expert.

The FACF range is for the manufacturer looking for exceptional output and efficiency while keeping batch profitability as high as possible with minimal downtime. The FACF range has been designed with all 3 of the above in mind so that the machine returns your investment as fast as possible by driving labour costs down and being extremely affordable.

The high filling rates of the FACF capsule fillers make them suitable for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, foodstuffs and chemical industries who require a low maintenance and large scale production capacity.
Main Benefits Of The FACF Range