semi-automatic filling machine / mobile / for capsules / for the pharmaceutical industry



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    for capsules

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    for the pharmaceutical industry


Up to 25,000 capsules an hour, highly efficient semi-automatic filling mechanism which ensures a top level of accuracy and can operate with a range of capsule sizes!
This semi-automatic capsule filling machine not only takes the drudge out of a laborious task but just as importantly it ensures a very high level of accuracy, thereby saving money, ensuring quality and promoting customer satisfaction at the same time.
Suitable for a wide range of applications, from pharmaceutical production to food supplements, vitamins and minerals, food technology, veterinary and other special use, the SACF25 is a cost-effective way to achieve rapid, dependable and accurate production of large volumes of capsules.
Capsules are often the consumer’s preferred choice but they can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive to fill accurately. The SACF 25 solves all these problems with a fast, highly efficient semi-automatic filling mechanism that allows a single operator to fill up to 25,000 capsules an hour.
Main benefits of the SACF-25 Automatic Capsule Filler
Fast, accurate and reliable
Reduces unit cost of filling capsules
Fills from 10-25,000 capsules per hour
Can operate with capsule sizes 00-5
Meets GMP requirements
Low noise
Corkscrew feeder mechanism to ensure the accurate and consistent filling
Safe and easy to operate
Virtually no training needed
Stainless steel construction for durability and hygiene
Easy cleaning
Easy maintenance
By taking the guesswork and repetitive actions out of capsule filling, the semi-automatic SACF 25 strikes the perfect balance between speed and efficiency on one hand, and cost on the other.

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