bottle counting-capping machine / for capsules / for the pharmaceutical industry / for tablets



  • Applications:

    bottle, for capsules, for the pharmaceutical industry, for tablets

  • Operational mode:

    automatic, intermittent-motion


Automatic counting & capping monobloc, intermittent motion, suitable to count tablets, dragée, capsules, oblong tablets and close bottles with screw caps, alu-caps or press-on caps.

Single basement specially designed to hold two units and, if necessary, to include the installation of a rabs containment system;
All functions are integrated with in the Siemens PC677 industrial pc;
Brushless drive for bottle transport starwheels;
Rotating screw-on pick-up unit with a Marchesini patented torque checking device and brushless drive;
The machine can optionally be equipped with an isolation cabin with gloved handholes, that satisfies the most strict operator exposition level (OEL) requirements;
The machine can be equipped with a unique control system, performing a double check, before and after weighting, thus guaranteeing the maximum precision;
Possibility to easily connect the machine in line with other machines.

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