blister packaging system / floor-standing / line-type / for the pharmaceutical industry



  • Type:

    floor-standing, blister, line-type

  • Application domain:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Product applications:

    for medicine

  • Other characteristics:

    with cartoner module


INTEGRA220 is a very innovative robotized blister line integrating in a single monoblock the two operations of blister thermoforming and packaging in carton. The line is composed of two sections, each managed by a PC, and it is characterized by a small footprint.

INTEGRA220 is designed with balcony structure in full compliance with GMP standards around three basic concepts: versatility, ergonomics and efficiency, all in a reduced footprint.
The packaging line is very easy to clean as all the stations are easily accessible and all the units are fully visible. Blister extraction system is very effective because it exploits suckers with cycloid movement and positive motion placement. The mechanical drive of the various stations – forming, sealing, perforation and coding unit, and cutting - is completely managed by servo motors. This solution enables the line to be highly productive, ensures easy size changeover and reduces the noise.

The packaging machine integrates Robocombi, a robot which picks-up each single blister positively and places it directly in the buckets of the cartoning machine, without any intermediate step in-between.
The brand new cartoning section that packages the blister into the cartons allows the operator to perform in one single access not only the operations of loading the cartons and leaflets, but also recovering goods or intact blisters. The cartons are conveyed by special toothed belts, whereas they are picked-up and opened by oscillating arms.

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