X-ray protective skirt / front protection

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X-ray protective skirt / front protection X-ray protective skirt / front protection - RP643


  • Garment type:

    X-ray protective skirt

  • Protection:

    front protection


The number of patients passing through today’s X-ray facilities is very high
making it important for the X-ray shields to be practical, and easy to put on
and take off quickly. The flexible tension strap of our series RP643 offers
the easiest solution.

Our gonadal aprons are made of high quality, flexible lead rubber multi-ply
material with outstanding weight distribution in this material category.

We recommend our specially designed wall rack modell AW417 for proper
storage of your gonadal aprons.

The gonadal apron complies with DIN EN 61331-3 (IEC 61331-3).


Multilayer lead rubber material with a lead equivalent of 0.50 mmPb
Outer cover ComforTex HPMF, all-round binding with special tape
Available in the colours: Curacao, Limette, Regatta, Indian Summer,
Ocean, Lagoon, Orchidee, and Teddy design


S – Toddlers, Size 20 x 25 cm, Waist Size 43 – ca. 53 cm
M – Children, Size 30 x 30 cm, Waist Size 54 – ca. 79 cm
L – Adults, Size 37 x 40 cm, Waist Size 77 – ca. 104 cm
XL – Adults, Size 45 x 50 cm, Waist Size 101 – ca. 150 cm

Also available as a complete set in all 4 sizes.