X-ray radiation shielding curtain / ceiling-mounted



  • Ionizing radiation:


  • Ergonomics:



Protective Curtain System VH194

There are pratically no limits to the number of options available for designing your MAVIG protective curtain system.

Custom Manufacture:

Individual solutions for all window types and room layouts
Exact planning according to your installation requirements
Free of charge and non-bindung support during planning by our professional team

Mechanical Components:

The curtain head rail as well as all other mechanical components are designed for heavy loads
Curtain head rail is extruded from a special aluminium die
Carriages are made out of a hardened plastic material with safety ball bearings
Curtains are made out of high quality single-layer lead rubber material
Slat connectors are made out of a high load capacity carbon fiber material


Easy operation and technical longevity
Perfect radiation protection due to precise overlapping and mechanically supported, absolutely secure closing of the slats
Appealing design

Perfection through functionality.