digital gas mixer
3000 Series

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digital gas mixer digital gas mixer - 3000 Series


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The MCQ 3000 Series is a dedicated solution for gas mixing and gas dilution, specifically designed for laboratories.
With Gas Blender 3000 Series, you can dynamically mix or dilute 3 different non-aggressive gases with only one instrument.
The Gas Blender 3000 it’s a stand-alone device letting you controlling all the parameters and accessing to all the main features by the Touch Display.
External management it’s possible as well through the USB, Ethernet* and digital RS485* interfaces (* Future releases).
The mixing software bundled for free allows direct access and control to Gas Blender 3000 Series parameters. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can manage the mixing process by intervening directly on the single channel to modify and control both the final blending and your dynamic dilution.
You can also define a different gas type for each input channel. Upgrading to the .PRO software version you will be able to define custom gas mixtures and easily re-use them in multiple applications.
Create, save and load your automatic mixture program, set the percentage of each channel, the total gas mixture flow and processing duration.