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Starrsed TL



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Starrsed TL
A very small footprint and all functions integrated within a single instrument. This is what the completely redesigned Starrsed TL has to offer. It is extremely versatile, because it can be integrated into almost any track system in the world. It provides the highest possible ESR test capacity with an absolute minimum of handling. Maximum automation, yet still able to run an emergency sample.

RR Mechatronics has a long and successful track record in automating Westergren ESR tests. The first ESR instrument dates back to 1987, whereas the integrated Interliner, currently known as the Starrsed RL, was introduced in 2000.

Today’s laboratory deals with high volumes of tests and the pressure to keep costs low. With this in mind, RR Mechatronics has invested significantly in the development of instruments that offer so-called Total Lab Automation (TLA). The Starrsed TL offers hematology labs the world standard for track oriented ESR-automation.