video recording iOS application / visualization / management / medical



  • Function:

    video recording, visualization, management

  • Application domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    for smartphones, for tablet PC


The new Med X Change® MedXStream™ iPad/iPhone App offers the ability to pair with our EvolutionHD Recorder and our other Recorders in the future. This can be done in the O.R. during or post case. Install our MedXStream™ app on your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, connect securely and wirelessly to your EvolutionHD and instantly access your Surgical Cases to Review, Annotate, Playback, Download, Surgical Reporting. iOS7 or iOS8 Compatibility, Remote Control Feature and the ability to archive directly to our MedXStream™ iOS App from your EvolutionHD. For step-by-step download MedXStream App Download instructions select the “How to Download” tab.