gynecological surgery cryosurgery unit / hand-held

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gynecological surgery cryosurgery unit gynecological surgery cryosurgery unit - MGC-200
  • Gynecological surgery cryosurgery unit


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    gynecological surgery

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Product Information
019000 MedGyn Cryotherapy System MGC-200

The MedGyn Cryotherapy System was designed by doctors and engineered by cryogenics to ensure performance, safety and convenience.

Product Features
Extensive choice of autoclaveable tips
Single-hand control from three-position trigger (freeze, off, defrost)
Instant defrost
Built-in regulators control pressure at tips for added safety and gas economy
Valve body designed and manufactured for long, trouble-free life
Capture “O” ring design to provide positive gas seal where tips attach to probe stem
Ability to change tip during procedure without shutting off gas tank
Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) option
6 lb. and 20 lb. cylinder options

Cart for Gas Cylinder, 6lb or 20lb
Product ID: 019001
O Ring for Cryo System (3 Per Pack)
Product ID: 019003
French Adapter For CO2
Product ID: 019008
French Adapter For N20
Product ID: 019016
German Adapter For CO2
Product ID: 019009
German Adapter For N2O
Product ID: 019012
British Adapter For CO2
Product ID: 019010
British Adapter For N2O
Product ID: 019011
Chinese Adapter for CO2
Product ID: 019015
US Adapter For CO2 (20lb)
Product ID: 019014
US Adapter For N2O (20 lb)
Product ID: 019013
US Adapter For N20 (6lb)
Product ID: 019107
US Adapter For CO2 (6 lb)
Product ID: 019108
Protective Cap for Medgyn Cryotherapy System
Product ID: 019020
Carrying Case for MedGyn Cryotherapy System
Product ID: 019019
Rubber Plug 6448K92 for Medgyn Cryotherapy Tip
Product ID: 019021
450B Purifier Housing with ¼ npt male thread adapter
Product ID: 019030
451 Filter cartridge for purifier
Product ID: 019031