water ultrafilter / dialysis / polysulfone

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water ultrafilter / dialysis / polysulfone water ultrafilter / dialysis / polysulfone - D150/U


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The MEDICA S.p.A has designed the DiaPure® and D150/U, depirogenating ultrafilters made of MediSulfone®, the polysulfone layer of MEDICA S.p.A for maximum filtration. Can be found in the middle of the filter and the hemodialysis machine, the DiaPure® guarantees that the dialysate is pure as it has a 10log5 pyrogen elimination factor. Due to fiber walls having irregular characteristics, the capacity to absorb is maximized, thereby the solution is guaranteed to be clean prior to penetrating the lumen of the fibers wherein it progresses to the hemodialyzer. The DiaPure® comes in 2 surface area variants: 2.1 m2 (DiaPure21) and 2.8 m2 (DiaPure28). The DiaPure filter can be reused and has an average lifespan of 1 to 2 months maximum depending on water quality. Therefore, dialysis machines can use from 6 to 12 units of DiaPure in a year.