water ultrafilter / dialysis / polysulfone

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water ultrafilter / dialysis / polysulfone water ultrafilter / dialysis / polysulfone - DIAPURE®


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MEDICA S.p.A has developed DiaPure® and D150/U depyrogenation ultrafilters, made up of MediSulfone, the MEDICA S.p.A polysulfone membrane for the ultrafiltration. This device is placed between the hemodialysis machine and the filter; it assures dialysate purity with a pyrogen removal factor of 10log5. The fiber walls are of asymmetric type which enhances the absorption capability, assuring that solution is purified before penetrating the lumen of the fibres, and then it goes to the hemodialyzer. This product comes in two surface areas of 2.1m2 (DiaPure21) and 2.8 m2 (DiaPure28). It is a reusable filter and based on water quality, life expectancy ranges from 1 to 2 months, which depicts annual consumption of every dialysis machine is between 6 and 12 units. The MEDICA D150/U Ultrafilter is made for pyrogen and endotoxins elimination from the water solutions, for e.g. replacement solutions for on-line hemodiafiltration. The initial content's pyrogen content is reduced by a factor of 10E5. This product has a very high filtration rate even at moderate operating pressures and can also tolerate a transmembrane pressure of 500 mmHg.