ceiling-mounted surgical light / LED / with control panel
MediLED Symphony



  • Configuration:


  • Light source:


  • Other characteristics:

    with control panel

  • Intensity at 1 m:

    100,000 lx, 140,000 lx, 160,000 lx


Easy to adjust using an automated controller, this multi-purpose surgical room light can be used for various operating procedures. MediLED offers quality lighting that results in clear and concise image viewing for surgeons. Whether viewing images far away or close up, this light will let you view them with the same clarity. Its high-tech lighting system can be adjusted to even view deep into wounds or perforated areas. This innovative system makes MediLED a leading producer in the production of operating room lights. Finally, a setting lets you adjust the focus of the light from the use of multiple petals to one single light for added intensity.