automatic glycated hemoglobin analyzer / for clinical diagnostic / benchtop



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    for clinical diagnostic

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Sharper analysis, simpler reading, greater autonomy: the Hb9210Premier makes the very most of the IFCC and NGSP certified method for HbA1 c analysis - with A. Menarini Diagnostics' experience and know-how to power and back it up.No Hb variant interferenceThe Boronate affinity method prevents any interference due to the main abnormal Hb, e.g. Hb Variants, Carbamylated Hb or Labile Fraction.66 s/test outputThe Hb921 O Premier is by far the fastest HPLC analyser not affected by Variant haemoglobins on the market today.210-position autosamplerThe Hb921 O Premier's great sampling capa city (21 O samples with no downtime) endows it with extended autonomy.lntegrated calibration & controlsState-of-the-art integration of calibration and control plus the Hb9210. Premier's capacity to integrate extra hardware guarantee 100% reliable walkaway automation, even for heavy overnight routines.User-friendly software and touchscreenTest results come in a two-peaks chromatogram on an exclusive touchscreen, which allows a quicker, more intuitive interaction with the system, while the Hb9210. Premier's software ensures total traceability of the samples, QC, reagents, users and activities.