sliding door / laboratory / for the pharmaceutical industry / for healthcare facilities



  • Opening type:


  • Medical establishment:

    for healthcare facilities, laboratory, for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Other characteristic:

    with glass panel, glass, GRP, hermetic, automatic, double-leaf, antibacterial


Metaflex Glass is a fully transparent sliding door for medical and clean room applications.
Manual/ automatic operation
Airtight/ hermetically sealing
Completely smooth finishing
Transparent, maintaining visual contact

Completely transparent
A completely transparent door provides ample light and in doing so advances the patient's living conditions. Additionally, it offers the nurses the possibility to observe the patient. The Metaflex Medicare Glass was originally developed for quarantine spaces, to allow for a visual opening despite the barrier created by the door. Now, the Glass also provides openness, light and transparency to many treatment rooms and laboratories.

Airtight seal
When opening and closing the Medicare sliding door, hardly any air movement is created. In situations with conditioned or contaminated air behind the door, this is very important. The airtight seal maintains the overpressure up to at least 100 pascal without leakage (ANSI/UL1784).
The unique closing system ensures that the door also retains its airtight seal in case of significant under- or overpressure. Uncontrolled air flow through your doors can thus be prevented