video corpo

dental unit with LED light / with monitor / pediatric / compact
Nice Touch



  • Equipment:

    with LED light, with monitor

  • Other characteristics:

    pediatric, compact, with adjustable headrest


Nice touch,
a concentration of technology to ensure maximum performance. The rotatable operator panel with touch screen interface provides a display for each tool used, allowing you to quickly and accurately customize the parameter settings. The operator console is equipped with a delivery system and extendable cords up to 96 cm which allows self-balanced movement and without traction.
Complete, intuitive and functional.
A perfect and ideal partner for those who love having everything under control.

NICETOUCH’s keyboard is equipped with an LCD touch screen, where you can customize various parameters for both the chair and the handpiece. For each tool there is a reference menu, that has simple and intuitive graphics, which allows you to set and customize the parameters.
There are 3 different ways to use the scaler: SCALING, PARO or ENDO with the possibility of external irrigation by a peristaltic pump.
For surgical micromotors there are two specific programs. Endodontics and surgery has never been so easy!

The NICEGLASS Assistant console is equipped with a panel which includes a glass surface and touch technology. It is easy to handle and easy to sanitize thanks to the glass keypad, practical integrated handle and painted polyurethane surfaces. The console is mounted on a wide horizontal arm tread to allow the operator to move smoothly and freely throughout the work area. As an optional, you can request the pantograph arm that