compact orthodontic treatment unit
Nice One-l

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compact orthodontic treatment unit compact orthodontic treatment unit - Nice One-l


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Designed to provide the maximum comfort
to the orthodontic specialists, Nice One
L. model is the perfect combination of
functionality and technology
The Nice One L. model, equipped with electromechanically chair
mod. ACTIO and routable 180° operator arm, is the perfect partner for
doctors and is easily adaptable to any limited working area.
The Nice One L. model is equipped with a control panel mounted
on the arm, which easily rotates around the chair, allowing to the
doctors to choose the best ergonomics for more efficient work. The
wide range of chair motions allow to operate comfortably for all right
- handed doctors as well as for left-handed doctors.
• Painted polyurethane with an encapsulated control panel on GLASS surface
and tactile technology.
• Practical handle located in the middle of the panel to get moving quickly the
console from the left to the right side.
• Stainless steel tray holder removable and autoclavable, allows the doctors to
have everything they need at their hands.
• designed to accommodate:
- surgical aspiration hose
- module with syringe 3 functions
- module with micromotor MCX LED Bien Air
- turbine module
• Instruments and suction delivery supports optical sensors driven, are removable
and autoclavable