medical waste autoclave / laboratory / vertical / mobile
MO-GR Series

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medical waste autoclave medical waste autoclave - MO-GR Series
  • Medical waste autoclave


  • Application domain:

    medical waste, laboratory

  • Configuration:

    vertical, mobile

  • Temperature range:

    Max.: 138 °C (280.4 °F)

    Min.: 105 °C (221 °F)

  • Capacity:

    60 l, 85 l, 110 l (15.9 gal)


MoonMed Vertical Autoclaves are trusted by the most technology advanced leading biotechnology, pharmaceuti-cal, academic, Food, Medical, Industrial and clinical laboratories. Our solutions deliver the performance, quality and reliability required by researchers and clinicians all over the world.

EXTRA WIDE STERILIZATION CHAMBER. The diameter of the chamber is 40cm wide. This allows for much more efficiency and bigger loads which means less load cycles for the day and a saving on power and water.

Microprocessor Control System. Very fast speed control system with maintenance warnings, Calibration options and recording functions.

Waste Sterilization. Special cycle for effective steriliza-tion of Lab waste

Drying. Very efficient thorough drying system according to CE standards.

Cooling Lock Open Temperatures. It is possible that for each procedure you can set a different cooling lock open-ing temperature according to the inertia of the object. This can prevent the operator from being unnecessarily scald-ed or burnt

Sterilization Temperature. The autoclave can operate from a low temperature of 105°C to 138°C

Control Panel The control panel is installed on the top of the cover. This makes it easy to see and easy to select or change cycles. There is a four digit temperature display that conforms to the latest national and industrial stand-ards. The visual flow chart clearly displays the autoclaves cycle including the present sterilization mode, present actual live working mode, completed sterilization steps and still to do cycle steps. The "Data" key can simply be pressed at any time to give the specific parameters live in real time.