panoramic X-ray system / cephalometric X-ray system / dental CBCT scanner / digital
Veraview X800



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    panoramic X-ray system, cephalometric X-ray system, dental CBCT scanner

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The new X-ray generation of the Veraview series excels not only because of its superior design, its also providing an outstanding quality of 3D, panoramic and cephalometric images. Fitted with a wide range of innovative functions to greatly simplify diagnostics, the Veraview X800 guarantees successful treatment planning for the practitioner.
The excellent image quality of the Veraview X800 is absolutely revolutionary and unique for a 2D/3D imaging system. The image quality can be seen not only in the images themselves but also in the possibility of being able to process the X-ray images afterwards.

Your Advantages:
- Extremely high resolution of more than 2.5 LP/mm MTF with 80 µm voxel size
- 180°- oder 360° exposure
- Up to 11 Fields of Views (FOVs)
- Dosage can be adapted to the individual patient – suitable also for children
- New panoramic scan functions for better resolution
- Exact alignment with face-to-face positioning

Adaptive Focal Point (AFP)
AFP analyses several layers of obtained images. It checks region after region, selects the optimum panoramic layer and compiles this into a new image. This provides the practitioner with even more details for diagnostic.

Adaptive Gray Scale (AGS)
All panoramic ranges are appraised in order to achieve an optimum contrast over the complete image. The AGS function takes into account all fields of the density from the entire arch in order to guarantee a well-balanced contrast.

Veraview X800 S - 2 FOVs: Ø 40 x H 40 mm, Ø 40 x H 80 mm
Veraview X800 M - 8 FOVs: Ø 40 x H 40 mm up to R 100 x H 80 mm
Veraview X800 L - 11 FOVs: Ø 40 x H 40 mm up to Ø 150 x H 140 mm