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portable stabilometry platform portable stabilometry platform - PODOPRINT S4


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Our Podoprint pedometer or pressure platform do static, dynamic and posturology studies.
Complete and autonomous systems created for the patient including the whole diagnostic, analysis and communication instruments.

Podoprint is a revolutionary pressures platform that allows the user a quick and easy analysis due to its precise last generation sensors with a higher degree of accuracy. . With its auto calibration system, (ACM)-Auto-Calibration Mode requires no recalibration over the life platform. The only connection is by USB allowing installation in any type of computer, either laptop or desktop.

The Podoprint Software is pioneering in the Visual Display System, an innovation in the industry that allows users to view, interpret, modify and print pressure plantar exams in a simple and intuitive way, due to an immediately and directly access to the most important data. Podoprint can study in Static, Dynamic and Posturology.

With the option to attach a video camera the podiatrist will be able to study the dynamic synchronized with the platform catchments.

Study on dynamic
Pressure distribution, support surfaces, weight. Step development animation. Movement Morphology. Graphics Analysis. Impressions Comparisons (with or without computer).

Study on static
Pressure distribution, support, weight, area, mass, etc.. Location of the center of gravity and support. Surface of each foot. Different visualization methods (3D). Printing scale 1/1.

Study on dynamic
Spectrum, layout. Oscillations Study. Wingtip program. Graphic (postural instability, deviations, etc.).